Operation Vigilance is one of the cornerstone programs for the Fusion Liaison Officer Program and Southern Nevada Counter-Terrorism Center for reaching out to our business community and combating violent extremism. Operation Vigilance is based on the idea that terrorists and violent extremists have and will exploit legitimate business or industry to help covertly further a plot. Operation Vigilance is not just limited to terrorism and violent extremism prevention or suppression, but can also have a real impact on traditional crime by raising the awareness, understanding and involvement of the business community.

The Southern Nevada Counter Terrorism Center has developed bulletins for various industries within the community. These bulletins outline in detail those behaviors which may indicate attempts to further terrorist related activities.

The second Fort Hood incident, 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing and the 2011 Norway Attacks are just a few of the many examples where terrorist/violent extremist perpetrators exploited legitimate businesses and industries such as fertilizer supply companies, guns stores, rental car/truck companies, storage facilities, and others to help them further their violent agendas

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