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What is suspicious activity reporting? You've heard the words: "If you see something, say something". The goal is simple - putting in place a community awareness program designed to educate the public about behaviors and activities that may have a connection to terrorism. This initiative is a community program to help your neighborhood stay safe from terrorist activities. It is a partnership between your community and the public safety agencies.

Trust Your Instincts: If a behavior or activity makes you feel uncomfortable, report it! You and your fellow community members can report behaviors and activities that look out of place (suspicious behaviors) for the environment. We can and must work together to prevent terrorist attacks and criminal activity.

Help us keep our community safe by submitting information about potential terrorism related activity (e.g. suspicious photography, suspicious persons, unusual behavior). 

NOTE: THIS SITE IS NOT FOR GENERAL CRIME REPORTING. Please contact 311 or your local police station for a service request. 

To submit a GENERAL CRIME TIP, visit

Dial 911 for Emergency

Dial 311 for Non-Emergency

Dial 702-828-7777 for Terrorism-Related Threats/Incidents or to talk to a Counter-Terrorism Expert

Online reporting of SAR is temporarily suspended. Please call the Fusion Center to report all suspicious activity - Phone: (702) 828-7777.

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